FSC Chairman's press briefing on pressing financial issues

FSC Chairman Yim Jong-yong made clear the government's principles regarding restructuring of the financially-distressed shipping and shipbuilding industries. At a press briefing took place on August 10, he said that Hanjin Shipping successfully managed to…

Frank makes debut on media

I am in the news!! Digital Times, a Korean media featuring economic issues, posted a news story on me and my blog, Frank's Super Communication. The media introduced me by saying "Frank is a common, diligent office worker who tells financial issues in Korea…

Who is Frank?

I was born in Korea on August 19 which also is the date when the FSC's official English blog was launched. I am the type with a very strong curiosity. Among other things, I am deeply into finance and economy. I love reading stories and books about what's going…

Welcome to Frank's New Home!!

The Korea Depository Insurance Corporation(KDIC) on December 4 auctioned off 5.94% of the bids made for Woori Bank minority shares o/ut of the total 23.76%. As announced earlier, the successful bidders wil be granted call options accounting for 50% of the winning…