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FSC Statement on Hanjins Shipping's Filing for Court Receivership

FSC Vice Chairman Jeong Eun-bo convened a meeting with relevant agencies on August 31 immediately after Hanjin Shipping's decision to file for court receivership.  They assessed the decision's impact on financial markets and discussed measures to minimize market…

Korea to nurture Mega-IBs like Goldman Sachs

The FSC announced its plan to nurture mega-scale investment banks. Korea's securities firms are not only small in equity capital volume but also too much geared to brokerage business. Due to their comparatively small equity capital volume, domestic securities companies…

Individual Savings Account(ISA) at a glance

Since its launch in March 2016, total ISA balance reached 2.5 trillion won, among which trust-type ISAs account for 28.5% and bank ISAs take up 71.5%. Total savings volume recorded 660 billion won from March to April and ended up by dropping 13% to 575…