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An Overview of Household Debt Trends

Hi folks, this is Frank. ‘Household Debt’ issues from all the news over the last week, and still going on! Surprised by all the news headlines talking about Household Debt problems and scared by them? Guess you are overloaded with a lot of news and get even…

‘Green Growth Fund’ getting BIGGER & BIGGER

‘Green Growth Fund’ getting BIGGER & BIGGER   When did Green Growth become such a big issue in Korea? It is when Korea’s President, Lee Myung Bak announced Green Growth as a new vision for the new generation in his congratulatory speech at the 60th…

What is Fast Track?

 Fast track is a financing program to support superior small and medium enterprises operating in Korea, which are temporarily having financial difficulty. The government and BOK(Bank of Korea) are working on this program since last Oct. 1st. Financial Services…