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Individual Savings Account((ISA)

ISA is a retail investment arrangement with tax benefits. Deposit, installment savings, fund, and a broad range of investments can be held within the arrangement. In other words, it is similar to a fund product financial companies sell only that its portfolio…

No-action Letter

“A no-action letter is a letter written by the staff members of a government agency, requested by an entity subject to regulation by that agency, indicating that the staff will not recommend that the agency take legal action against the entity should the entity…

Machine Learning

"Machine learning is a scientific discipline that explores the construction and study of algorithms that can learn from data." (Wikipedia) By studying and analysing accumulated big data, machine learning makes it possible to predict future behavioral patterns.…

When-issued Market

A "when, as and is used, or commonly known as when-issued" market is a system created to enable bidders and issuer to guess how cialisfrance24.com many investors will be interested in government bonds to be issued. Uncertainty of how much bidders will participate…

Hu-gang Tong

"Hu-gang Tong", or "Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect", is a new stock exchange regime that connects the Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges launched on November 17, 2014. Previously, Chinese and foreign investors had different access to the stocks listed in the Chinese…

Santa Claus Rally

"A Santa Claus rally is a rise in stock prices in the month of December, generally seen over the final week of trading prior to the new year. The rally is generally attributed to anticipation of the January effect, an injection of additional funds into the…

Bail Out

Typically, when a business collapses, the government or other businesses and financial institutions offer money to help them recover. Especially if the business has a lot of people and their interests involved, the government provides some kind of a financial aid,…

Quantitative Easing

Money circulates around the world, in different currencies and different amounts. Every currency has its own degree of competitiveness, which is measured by the exchange rate. If your country’s currency depreciates, then its value goes down, which makes it…

"Useful-to-know Financial Terms #7: Long/short Funds"

"Long/short funds are the mutual fund industry's attempt to bring some of the advantages of a hedge fund to the common investor. Most long/short funds feature higher liquidity than hedge funds, no lock-in period and lower fees. However, they still have higher…

“Useful-to-know Financial Terms #6: Proprietary Trading”

"Proprietary trading (also "prop trading" or PPT) occurs when a firm trades stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, their derivatives, or other financial instruments, with the firm's own money as opposed to its customers' money, so as to make a profit for itself.…