Korea to nurture Mega-IBs like Goldman Sachs

The FSC announced its plan to nurture mega-scale investment banks. Korea's securities firms are not only small in equity capital volume but also too much geared to brokerage business. Due to their comparatively small equity capital volume, domestic securities companies…

Individual Savings Account(ISA) at a glance

Since its launch in March 2016, total ISA balance reached 2.5 trillion won, among which trust-type ISAs account for 28.5% and bank ISAs take up 71.5%. Total savings volume recorded 660 billion won from March to April and ended up by dropping 13% to 575…

Finteco Demo-day in London

Fintech Demo-day was held in London for the third time on July 22. The event drew a huge interest from local financial authorities and Fintech firms. Chied Executive Andrew Bailey from Financial Conduct Authority(FCA), representatives from the HM Treasury, and…
FATF 부산총회

FATF Plenary meeting kicks off in Busan

Financial Action Task Force(FATF) Plenary week kicked off in Busan on June 22. In a series of meetings and seminars scheduled for 3 days, FATF president Shin Je-Yoon, US Treasury's Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing, and other numerous prominent…

FSC Chairman's press briefing on the progress of financial reform

FSC Chairman Yim Jong-yong briefed the press during a conference held on June 13 about the progress of financial reform and key tasks. Chairman Yim said the financial authorities will strengthen financial market monitoring adding that "the financial market turmoil…

South Korea's Financial Revolution - WSJ

Chairman Yim's column on Korea's efforts to reform its financial industry was published on the Wall Street Journal Asia Edition's Opinion section on May 27, Friday. It reflects how well the FSC's financial reform drive is being recognized throughout the world.   Check…

Frank's Super Communication Series #2: Equity Crowdfunding

Frank has returned with another interesting story about finance in Korea!! For the second episode of Frank's Super Communication series, Frank introduces Korea's equity crowdfunding scheme introduced in 2016. https://youtu.be/pJBIUqkMYt4

Third anniversary of Happiness Fund and its achievements

Happiness Fund was launched in March, 2013 to support restructuring of financially-distressed dectors. As of February, 2016 the Happiness Fund reached out to 560,000 debtors, 1.7 times more than the initially targeted number of 325,000 until 2018. …