Weekly Global Financial News (June 23 – June 29)


Why Putin Is in Trouble With 86% Approval, By Bloomberg, Published: June 27
Vladimir Putin has difficulties converting an 86 percent approval rating into economic growth as global banks stop lending.

Central Banks Face Bumpy Road to Normalization, BIS Says, By Bloomberg, Published: June 29
Central banks must be ready as they transit from extraordinary monetary ease to more normal policy settings, he Bank for International Settlements said. It predicts that the exit would not be smooth.

ECB Rates Allow Zombie Loans to Stymie Credit, BIS Says, By Bloomberg, Published: June 29
The European Central Bank’s low interest rates and ample liquidity have boosted banks’ lending margins, allowing them to gloss over losses in their business, Switzerland-based BIS said in the report.

Yellen Spending Mix Lacks Ingredient of Higher Pay: Economy, By Bloomberg, Published: June 28
The price measure records the biggest 12-month gain since October 2012, highlighting challenges over the balance with wages to support consumer spending.

Shares of three Chinese firms soar 44 percent on debut, first listings in over 4 months, By Reuters, Published: June 26
Shares of three Chinese companies soared by over 40 percent in their debuts in the first mainland listings, suggesting high possibilities of speculation in the market. China resumed the IPO market earlier this year and no offerings were approved until early June.

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