1st meeting of Financial Reform Panel

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Financial Reform Panel met on March 31 for its first meeting. The panel is comprised of 50 members including professors, researchers, analysts, lawyers and industry experts. Its role is to suggest advices for financial reform and devising reform plans based on results of researching and benchmarking overseas cases.

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Financial Reform Committee Chairman Min Sang-ki urged the panel members to play a crucial role to set a direction for financial reform. In particular, he emphasized a close cooperative relationship between the panel and committee.

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FSC Chairman Yim mentioned that a new market for infrastructure will open up in Asia. To such backdrop, he stressed that our financial institutions will actively create and search for new growth opportunities in the market.

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Financial Reform Panel will be subdivided into 6 groups centered by each group leader. Each group will be tasked with research topics such as financial supervision, banking system, capital markets, insurance, asset management, and financial tax system. Groups will get together frequently to share discussion results.

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