Major progress in financial reform initiative

During the part three months since the announcement of ‘Key Direction for Financial Reform’, Chairman Yim Jong-yong made 37 on-site visits to listen to the voices of financial market participants. Based on the opinions and recommendations from the market,  the FSC made significant progress in the government’s financial reform drive.


Sincere efforts made by the FSC to cut red tapes and make the financial sector more competitive are being very positively evalutated by the market. According to a survery conducted by the Gallup, 80% of the respondents answered that the financial authorities are doing their best for financial reform. 83.6% are satisfied with the progress made so far by the government.


On the ocassion of 100th day since the launch of the financial reform drive, Chairman Yim held a press briefing and explained in detail what we have achieved so far and what we are planning to do more.

For details, please click the link below to read the press release.