Financial reform will go on in 2016

“From now on, we will not hesitate to do tough reforms” FSC Chairman Yim Jong-yong said at an occasion FSC employees and reporters gathered to celebrate the end of year 2015.

“Until now, our financial reforms were ‘kind’ ones, which everyone agrees on its purpose and necessity” added Mr. Yim, “however, we will not be feared to face opposition for the ‘tough’ reforms we are about to get on with if they are necessary.”


The biggest achievement of this year was to raise awareness on the need for the financial industry to change, according to Chairman Yim. About 3,600 suggestions have been made by employees of more than 430 financial companies, among which the FSC selected key areas for reform.

“We will never, never give up reforming the financial sector” pledged Mr. Yim adding that the related bills pending on the National Assembly must be approved as soon as possible regardless of political interest.


Financial reform will go on in 2016.