New Vice Chairman appointed aaaaaaaaa

Jeong Eun-bo was appointed as new Vice Chairman of the Financial Services Commisssion. He will be also serving as Chairman of the Securities and Futures Commission.

Prior to his appointment as FSC Vice Chairman, he was Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Finance and Strategy, successfully managing to stabilize Korea’s economy against external and internal risks such as household debt issues.

Mr. Jeong’s expertise in economic and financial matters is proven as he held numerous positions in the economic and financial governemnt bodies since 1985 including Secretary General of the FSC, Director General of the Financial Policy Bureau (FSC), Director General of International Policy Bureau (MOSF), Director of Financial Policy Division (Ministry of Finance and Economy), and Director of Economic Analysis Division (Ministy of Finance).

Mr. Jeong was born 1961 in Gyeongbuk province. He recieved a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Seoul National University (SNU)in 1983. He went on to recieve a master’s degree in Business in 1986 from SNU, and a doctorate in economics in 1996 from Ohio State University.