Diplomats impressed with FSC’s open communication and deregulation efforts


JoongAng Daily

Foreign business leaders and diplomats welcomed Korea’s open communication and its moves to ease regulations for foreign businesses in Korea, according to JoongAng Daily.

“What most impressed me today was Korea’s ability to open up about difficulties it has and to discuss them freely,” the ambassador of Belarus to Korea said during a Q&A session following FSC Chairman’s lecture at the Korea Economic Forum held on May 12. Chairman Yim Jong-yong spoke in front of more than 120 audiences including ambassadors and diplomats about Korea’s achievements and efforts for financial reform.

Followed by Mr. Yim’s lecture, the Swiss ambassador to Korea, Joerg Alois Reding appreciated the FSC’s efforts for open communication by saying that “I was very pleased to hear the chairman speak so openly and enthusiastically about the reform agenda that is being worked on.”

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