South Korea's Financial Revolution - WSJ

Chairman Yim's column on Korea's efforts to reform its financial industry was published on the Wall Street Journal Asia Edition's Opinion section on May 27, Friday. It reflects how well the FSC's financial reform drive is being recognized throughout the world.   Check…

2016 Financial Policy Direction

The FSC set 2 goals and 10 key tasks for 2016. 'Financial Refom' aims to promote competition and innovation in the financial sector, while 'Financial Stability' is a means to be better prepared against internal and external risks.    

Financial reform will go on in 2016

"From now on, we will not hesitate to do tough reforms" FSC Chairman Yim Jong-yong said at an occasion FSC employees and reporters gathered to celebrate the end of year 2015. "Until now, our financial reforms were 'kind' ones, which everyone agrees on its purpose…
금융개혁 관련 기자 간담회

FSC Chairman’s briefing on Financial Reform

  “We seek to achieve three goals by reforming the financial sector,” FSC Chairman Yim Jong-yong said during a press conference on September 2. “Boost people’s wealth, provide necessary fund to businesses and households, and create jobs for the…

Now, Finance leads Korea

Finance has been fulfilling its role to back real economic growth so far. From now on, finance will stand at the forefront of the economy for the greater national good and people’s welfare.  

Financial Reform Bureau kicks off

Financial Reform Bureau has kicked off on August 13. Financial Reform Bureau, under the FSC, pursues to improve and overhaul the current financial market regulations and practices to realize the FSC's goal of reforming the financial sector to ultimately lead…

Major progress in financial reform initiative

During the part three months since the announcement of 'Key Direction for Financial Reform', Chairman Yim Jong-yong made 37 on-site visits to listen to the voices of financial market participants. Based on the opinions and recommendations from the market,  the…